John McClintock Launches The Green1 e-Glider at the Freedom Flight Park


Long time Atos hang glider pilot and eUP partner John McClintock states after his first Green1 soaring flight lasting 1 hour and 45 minutes…
” I flew the self-launch e-glider the other day, and wow, it was super. I wondered about thermalling seated, and no problem, it was still hang gliding! you can get the same feed-back from the thermals, and the control seems easier than I remember with a flex – perhaps the longer pendulum and increased loading combine to make it easy to manage and utilize the bumps … max 1300 fpm up and about the same for max sink … all with the comfort of wheels waiting under neath your butt! This begs the question, why not put an Atos on a trike! well, with a bit of power, the glide ratio changes! so you pay for battery capacity instead of pure performance” ..

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Randy Rauck Launches The Green1 eGlider


Electric Flight Testing resumed at the Freedom Flight Park near Lumby BC Canada with Canada’s first electric airplane.

Randy’s flight was in gusty evening conditions April 2nd and some rough thermals were still found near Saddle Mountain where altitude gains were still possible. After working several different elusive thermals between strong sink holes, Randy found himself 500′ over the hang glider launch soaring with the Ravens and a Western Vulcher. Considering the strong lift and sink, The Green1 handled very well and the 26 minute flight was a lot of fun.

eUP Pilots John and Randy at Lake Havasu with The Green1


eUP Pilots John and Randy at Lake Havasu with The Green1

Lake Havasu turned out to be a good place to test the electric trike. John McClintock and Randy Rauck enjoyed flying around the area as well. Photos by Lorelei Fiset

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The Green1 Soars Woodrat Mountain Oregon


The Green1 electric self launch glider by eUP Aviation, gets a chance to soar on a light thermal March day at Woodrat Mountain Oregon with many other gliders. This was the last test flight of a series and we really wanted to know how the new strutted Solairus wing and the ATF trike would handle the lift. The lift was so marginal at first I had to keep a little electric thrust on once in a while to stay above all the paragliders. Half way through the flight I spotted some wings climbing over the valley so I glided to the gaggle. Once centered in the big thermal safely above all the other wings all the power came off and “The Green1″ cored the light lift up with ease and had no trouble staying at the top of the stack. When the lift died out we all headed for the deck. I only had one chance at the manicured section of the Fiasco landing area and since there was a paraglider on final I decided it was safer to land in the horse pasture which gave a good workout to the ATF landing gear. This was a great opportunity to prove the value of the self launch etrike concept and we will continue the testing at the Freedom Flight Park near Lumby BC all season long.
Special thanks to the RVHPA flying club ( for the use of their launch site and Dave and Pamela at Fiasco Winery ( for their hospitality and the use of their beautiful Flight Park.
The song “Higher” was written and performed by Randy Rauck. Thanks Marco Griggs for the flying violin work.

The Green1 poses on launch just before soaring at Woodrat Mountain


The Green1 poses on launch just before soaring at Woodrat Mountain

Sunday March 10th was a nice day soaring at Woodrat Mountain Oregon. Video to follow soon.
Thanks to the RVHPA glider club for being great hosts and especially Dave and Pam from Fiasco Winery for letting us use there sweet flight park for landing and breakdown. The refreshments were a great bonus : )

Video to follow soon

The Green1 Flies at Lake Havasu


The Green1 gets air to air coverage with several cameras at Lake Havasu in March 2013.
Also some great aerial shots of the area. 77 degrees made for a pleasant flight
Thanks Reb and Dean for your time and aircraft to make these shots possible.
John is flying Green1, Randy is flying Dean’s Maverick with a GoPro to catch the first launch and Reb and Dean are flying the Navajo and doing most of the shooting.

eUP Photos from Lake Havasu Arizona

We would like to thank Lake Havasu Airport, D2 Aero, Birgit, Rebel and all the other friendly folks In Arizona for making our stay and flight testing here a great time and success.
Thanks also to Dean and Jane.
Special thanks to Lorelei of Pinnacle Communications & Media for the great photos!

The Green1 Soars Torrey Pines California

It was very light lift yet the Green1 powered up to 500 feet, backed off to minimum power and remained there for close to an hour above the lift band. The view was awesome as  we completed several more tests during this 6th test flight. GoPro on board video turned out great and will be uploaded soon so you can see the beauty!!